What is Siesta Sandhole?

Siesta Sandhole is a fun new beach game that provides endless hours of family entertainment. It is played very much like horseshoes or cornhole but utilizes golf balls and the natural surface and undulations of the beach. The result is a continuously changing course that forces players to constantly adjust their strategies. Great for ages 8-88!


Custom bag that can be worn like a backpack allows for convenient transport to the beach with all items you need for play. This leaves your hands free for chairs, umbrellas, coolers and everything else you need for a fun day at the beach.

Fun for the Entire Family

The whole family can enjoy the game, no matter their skill level. Unlike so many games that require participants to be able to throw an object with accuracy and to a certain distance, Sandhole allows anyone to compete as long as they can roll a golf ball.

Time Tested Research and Development

Siesta Sandhole has been developed over several years and every item in the kit has been tested  in real world conditions. Each kit will provide years of family fun.